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As specialists in high-quality educational consultancy and professional development, we provide focussed support for school improvement, inclusive education and ICT - to benefit all children, young people and enhance the experience as well as development of educational professionals.

Improving schools and organisations is a complex, dynamic and continuous process - there are no quick fixes. We have a proven track record of effective support, working in partnership with schools and other organisations to promote high quality learning experiences for children, young people and professional educators. We also create educational Apps for children and early learners to use at home or school as well as professional Apps (UK).


SpyTrailsx45Our Latest Educational App 'My Capacity'

MWSnap1Now available for the iPad via the App Store.

Now optimised for the retina display, this App is designed for younger children aged 2+. Working first with an adult, young children can help the frog jump into a range of containers by identifying which are full, nearly full, half full/empty, nearly empty and empty.

There are four different challenges to complete. Young children can select from two types of containers, drinking glasses or jars and vases.

This App is compatible with all iPad versions with iOS 5.1 to iOS 8.3.

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Exploiting the potential of ICT in education

Making use of podcasting and other Web 2.0 technologies can enhance and enrich the learning environments and communities for children, young people and educational professionals alike. The much heralded Raspberry Pi® offers plenty of scope for extending teaching and learning in classrooms – read more here.

iPhone5cedrV3Examples include our mobile version of this website, the podcast directory, our Online Learning Studio and our educational apps for busy educational professionals as well as our series of early learning Apps for young children. See full range of our Apps in the App Store.

Ed-Reader is ideal for the busy and mobile educational professional wanting to keep in touch with the latest UK educational news. for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad (in iPhone emulator mode). Version 3.2 (shown with the iPhone 5c) runs on iOS 7.1 to iOS 8.3 and is now available via the App StoreSM.

These examples illustrate our commitment to exploiting the educational potential of Web 2.0 technologies - such as weblogs or blogs, bookmarking, podcasts, RSS feeds, wikis and other forms of “many to many” publishing, such as course management systems for virtual learning environments. Our e-Learning weblog: Anytime, Anywhere Learners explores some of the topical innovations and issues from an educational perspective.

Finally, on our website you can also view, evaluate and use the UK's first and best podcast directory for educators, schools and colleges. This provides access to a wide range of audio, enhanced and video podcasts produced by schools as well as a wide range of organisations. Listed podcasts are carefully selected, quality assured and categorised into educational sectors and the main subject areas.




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