A podcast is simply a web feed of audio or video files placed on the Internet for anyone to subscribe to and they use RSS syndication technologies.

Podcasts are delivered as an enclosure in the RSS feed and have become a popular form for distributing audio content for use with mobile devices, such as MP3 players, and personal computers. Podcasts are produced in a variety of formats, including audio, enhanced (audio, images, chapters and URLs) and video.

Children, young people and educators produce different types of podcasts, including:

  • Talk and music shows
  • Interviews with pupils and staff
  • Story telling and audio books
  • Tutorials and instructions
  • Sharing information with parents and the community
  • Providing updates on forthcoming school events

We have also published an article on "Exploiting the educational potential of podcasting" which you can read on-line.

School and subject podcasts

Many examples of podcasts produced by schools are listed in our podcast directory for educators. These include podcasts from schools covering the 5-19 age range, colleges and some home-school topics.

In addition to school podcasts, our podcast directory lists podcasts a wide range of selected podcasts that are suitable for use with children and young people. Subject areas include:

  • English and Literature
  • Mathematics and Science 
  • ICT and Design Technology
  • Business Education and Business Studies 
  • Modern Foreign Languages 
  • Archaeology, History and Geography 
  • Arts and Music
  • PE and sporting activities 
  • Religious Education
  • Personal, Social and Health Education 
  • General studies and citizenship

As well as schools , educational professionals are producing podcasts that cover a variety of areas, including both general and specialist topics. Find more details about our own podcast channel covering educational news items and our school improvement series.

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