Starting Points

There are many possible starting points for devising a cross-curricular activity. However, such activities may, on the one hand, originate from an ICT curriculum activity with a cross-curricular theme. On the other hand, activities could be incorporated as a genuine project or topic embracing different areas of the curriculum.

One possible starting point is to emulate real life situations. Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Tourism guides

Recently, in Glasgow, an iTour was launched to promote the tourist trade containing a sponsored music guide to the city. Once the podcast is from the website and transferred onto a MP3 player, the tourist only needs to acquire a map of the city, travel to the start location and press the "play" button for the commentary. The information in the iTour leads the way! Another website providing audio tours in the form of podcasts has also been launched (Please note: this link opens in a new window).

Scenario 2: Story Telling

Hearing a story can be as entertaining as reading for children and adults alike. For those with failing sight or visually impaired, audio books become essential Audio books have been on the market for some time and there are many genres and titles available. Popular titles for children currently include the Harry Potter series. Audio books come in different formats - audio cassette, CD and digital radio.

Scenario 3: Radio Shows

Podcast radio shows are hosted and presented on the Internet and cover a wide range of topics and interests. Some of the categories listed on The Podcast Directory, at, include the arts, entertainment, computing and the Internet, science and nature, home and lifestyle, hobbies and recreation, news and media, society and culture and sports.

Possible activities

Based on the first scenario, pupils could identify a topic to create and publish podcasts that could benefit others, based on their own experiences. Possible examples of school-based activities, especially suited to primary school pupils, are podcast guides to:

  • the school for new pupils, parents and visitors;
  • a curriculum activity in the school grounds (science topic on mini-beasts/habitats);
  • the local area around the school (geography topic)
  • the school library and ICT resources for younger pupils.
  • Off-site guides become even more numerous and open-ended in range and scope.
  • Possible examples of podcast guides include:

a range of fieldwork activities in science, history or geography;

  • visits to notable places of interest, including local tourist attractions;
  • profile of local amenities and facilities for pupils, residents or visitors to the area.
  • The second scenario provides a wealth of possibilities within schools for story telling and would certainly have broad appeal for pupils in primary schools as well as older members of the community. The third scenario is akin to producing a school magazine, newsletter or publication where the range and scope of content is vast and limited only by the imagination.

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