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Podcasting is a relative recent phenomenon but there is already a range of material published on the Internet. A list of sources for further reading and information about podcasting is set out in Table 6.

Table 6: Further information about podcasting

Information source


Apple Education and iTunes

An overview of podcasting in education with reference to the iTunes directory of podcasts (available from version 4.9 upwards).

The website to visit to obtain software to download, install and use to listen to podcasts. The software caters for different computer operating systems and links are regularly updated. The site also has a podcast directory.

Podcasts for educators

Our own podcast directory with a range of good quality and carefully selected school and subject podcasts for use by children, young people, educators, schools and colleges.

A website providing audio guides (PodGuides) that can be downloaded onto iPods or other mp3 players.

Apple Education

This section of the website provides real-life examples where the iPod has been used for literacy, history, geography, art, music and PSHE.

Useful information provided on podcasting, including sections on the technology, comparisons to broadcasting, the history of podcasts, radio stations, related terms and external links.

A good resource on podcasting with plenty of advice, information and guides that are easily accessed using the in-built navigation systems.

A range of "Podcasting how to" articles. A useful set of tutorials and information for both the novice and expert alike.

Good range of information on how to create podcasts (based on Apple Macintosh) and associated information. The website includes contributions and comments from other users.

Newly published book on podcasting by Todd Cochrane, published by Hungry Minds Inc., U.S. ISBN: 0764597787

Up-to-date news, articles and information associated with podcasting. Plenty of material and access to reports.

A general article providing a good overview of podcasting.

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