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This document is a practical guide to self-evaluation for leadership teams within primary and secondary schools in England (UK), with a particular focus on the Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) and Ofsted Inspection.

PWSSE cover pageWritten by Tony Thornley, this publication provides practical support for the process of self evaluation for primary and secondary schools. The first section explores school self-evaluation and places this in the context of an annual cycyle. In the second section, there is a focus on writing the key elements of the SEF. Section three examines the relationship between self-evaluation and inspection, followed by the final secion looking at ways of improving self-evaluative skills. A wide range of additional documents are included within the appendices.

Tony regularly updates this document to reflect changes in the Ofsted framework for inspection and feedback from colleagues in schools and other educational professionals. You can obtain the latest version via the Association for School and College Leaders (ASCL) website.

Author: Tony Thornley

Published: November 2008 © Tony Thornley Education Limited

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Whole School Self Evaluation