The monitoring role of heads of department, subject leaders and coordinators is pivotal in ensuring the quality of educational provision and the raising of educational standards.

This short guide provides a number of checklists that can be readily used by both senior leadership teams as well as heads of department, subject leaders or coordinators. These can form part of the quality assurance processes that may already exist for school improvement.

Clearly, every school will have its own policies and procedures for monitoring and evaluation. However, the content of this document has been carefully designed so as to supplement existing advice and complement other materials. The checklists themselves are similar but tailored appropriately for use by:

Each checklist provides a list of the key functions required to ensure robust monitoring for the quality of provision and educational standards. At the very least, this approach provides a record of self-review and also prompts that cover most of the aspects for consideration. Ultimately, the rigour and effectiveness of monitoring will always depend on the way the overall process is led and managed, the quality of information and training that has been provided as well as the professionalism and commitment of all of those involved.

The very process of monitoring should help to identify areas that can become the focus for improvement or development. The overall goal is, of course, to provide a robust framework for monitoring of a subject or subjects, ensuring the quality of provision and subject performance serves the best interest of the individual pupils and young people at the school.

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