Senior leadership team checklist

a) Has basic, up-to-date information been provided about pupils?

b) Have the following categories been identified:

  • pupils with special educational needs?
  • pupils eligble for Pupil Premium?
  • pupils with gifted and talented attributes?
  • pupils with English as an additional language?
  • pupils with high mobility?

c) Has data and/or information provided for each pupil's:

  • prior attainment?
  • value-added performance?
  • assessment of current performance?

d) Is there evidence of subject performance comparisons against:

  • forecast/targets for the year/teaching group?
  • performance in other subjects in the same school?
  • performance in the same subject in similar schools?

e) Is there monitoring evidence on teaching and learning outcomes for:

  • a sample across year/teaching groups?
  • all teachers, especially newly qualified teachers?

f) Is there monitoring evidence on outcomes from:

  • examining curriculum planning?
  • scrutinising samples of pupils' work?
  • moderating marking and assessment of pupils' work?

g) What monitoring evidence is provided on pupil involvement in:

  • reviewing their progress against set targets?
  • providing feedback on their work and achievements?

h) Have teachers been engaged in professional discussion/feedback on:

  • pupil performance and educational standards?
  • the quality of teaching and learning?
  • the quality of curriculum planning and resources?
  • the moderation of assessment and marking of pupils' work?

i) Has there been a review with the subject leader on:

  • overall subject performance?
  • performance against agreed targets?
  • progress against agreed improvement priorities?
  • areas for further improvement or development priorities?

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