Key questions for subject leaders and school leadership teams.

a) Has basic, up-to-date information about the pupils been provided for:

  • dates of birth?
  • gender?
  • ethnicity?

b) Have the following categories been properly identified and recorded:

  • pupils with special educational needs?
  • pupils eligble for Pupil Premium funding?
  • pupils with gifted and talented attributes?
  • pupils with English as an additional language?
  • pupils with high mobility?

c) Has data and/or information been provided for individual pupil's:

  • prior attainment?
  • value-added performance?
  • assessment of current performance?

d) Has the forecast for future performance used individual pupil's:

  • prior attainment, value-added and current performance?
  • the professional judgment of the classroom/subject teacher?

e) Have arrangements been made for pupils to:

  • review their own progress?
  • set their own targets?

f) Have arrangements been made for parents/guardians to be involved or informed at any stage?

g) Have teachers been able to have a professional discussion with:

  • other teachers and teaching assistants ?
  • coordinators of special educational needs/gifted and talented?

h) Has there been a review of the forecasts with the leadership team?

i) Have pupil forecasts/targets been accurately recorded for:

  • the individual pupil?
  • groups of pupils (especially a) and b) above)?
  • the class and/or year group?

j) Have the forecasts/targets been compared with previous years for:

  • the pupil profile?
  • past performance?
  • value-added performance
  • similar schools?

k) Has there been a professional dialogue on the forecasts/targets with a representative of the LEA, Academy Sponsor or Achievement Partner?

l) Have the views of the governors been sought at this stage?

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