Key questions for governors of schools

The governors have the legal responsibility for setting the statutory targets for the school and will be informed and advised by the headteacher, other members of staff and representatives of the LEA, Trust Sponsors or the School Improvement Partner.

Following discussion, the governors need to formally agree the school targets and ensure that this is properly recorded in the minutes of the governors' meeting.

At present, statutory targets for relevant pupils and young people have to be agreed by the governors of the school before 31 December of each calendar year.

a) Has information been provided on the proportions for:

  • gender and ethnicity?
  • Pupil Premium funding?
  • special educational needs?
  • gifted and talented?
  • English as an additional language?
  • mobility?

b) Are the forecasts/targets based on the pupils':

  • prior attainment, value-added and current performance?
  • expected progress?
  • the professional judgment of teachers?

c) Have the pupils/young people been involved?

d) Have parents/guardians of individual pupils been informed?

e) Has the leadership team reviewed the forecasts/targets?

f) How do the forecasts/targets compare with the:

  • value-added performance of the pupils/young people so far?
  • past performance and trends in the school?
  • performance of similar schools?

g) What is the professional view of the LEA, Trust Sponsors or School Improvement Partner?

h) Are there any implications for our school improvement priorities?

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