On our website we provide a variety of documents that have been published by RECAP Limited - these are available for you either to download or to read on-line. On this page, we provide links to external websites where a good range of educational resources are available.

Some of these links will enable you to locate documents that are free to download, others may be purchased or obtained via subscription or for purchase outright.

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Other sources for educational materials:

Smartphones as Tools for Education: Getting Smart With Smartphones

A useful discussion about the use of smartphones in education. This US-based article includes a range of information and key points, including the nature of mobile learning, the advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning, smartphones as learning tools, smartphones as teaching tools and useful smartphone apps for students and teachers.

TryEngineering: Lesson Plans

An interesting range of lesson plans (in PDF format) together with student worksheets (in RTF format). These span different age-ranges. is a US-based resource for students, their parents, their teachers and their school counsellors. They provide a a portal about engineering and engineering careers, and we hope it will help young people understand better what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future.

A Guide to Classroom Technologies that Increase Learning

A useful US-based resource providing a guide to classroom technologies.

Learning Styles

An overview on different learning styles. is a US-based comprehensive educational web resource dedicated to discovering, discussing and encouraging great teaching around the world.

Setting up a school VLE

eSchools is one of many organisations that can provide primary and secondary schools with VLE solutions. Visit the website for more information.

The Coldest Journey on Earth

This website is a great resource for children and young people of all ages at home, in schools and colleges. Get the latest news and follow Sir Ranulph Fiennes as he leads a team of explorers to conquer the last great polar challenge: crossing Antarctica in winter.

Thinking Together Project

This is the website for the "Thinking Together Project", which is focused on a dialogue-based approach to the development of children's thinking and learning. The website includes reference to classroom-based research in several countries to answer two key questions about the use of spoken language as a tool for learning and problem solving. The website also includes materials that can be downloaded as well as links to useful books and research projects.

Discovery Now

This is a well presented website with news and information about the newest advances from NASA and the aerospace community. The website features a range of lesson plans (in PDF format) for use with students in the classroom as well as a daily podcast. Discovery Now is written and produced in the USA by the National Institue of Aerospace (NIA) with a grant from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Lesson plans are listed under the sidebar heading "For the Classroom".

The ARKive Project

This website provides a wealth of free, multimedia resources for teaching and learning. Resources include a large selection of good quality wildlife and environmental films and images - free to download and suitable for a wide range of science and geography topics in both primary and secondary schools. In addition, there are sections devoted for teachers and educators with downloadable briefings, lesson plans and project ideas.

Geography of Happiness

This is a useful resource for teaching and learning and contained within an educational wiki. There are a range of videos in different formats about a number of European countries as well as links to further information.

European Pedalogical ICT Licence

This is a carefully designed programme of professional development and certification for educators. The EPICT Licence provides a modular and flexible approach to study options, consisting of a blend of materials and learning methods which includes: General Articles, Exemplars of Good Practice, an Elearning Gateway? to Supplementary Links, Good Practice Guides and sources of advice, core Training Materials and an accompanying ICT Skills Manual.

Podcast directory for schools and colleges

A directory of selected podcasts (audio, enhanced and video files) that are suitable for educational use with children and young people. The sections in the directory include National Curriculum subjects as well as podcasts produced by schools, colleges and universities.

The History Channel

Audio and video archive of materials that can be listened and viewed over a broadband connection. The audio section includes famous speeches from notable international politicians as well as famous broadcasts and recordings of the twentieth century.

On-line publications for schools

A very useful section of the TeacherNet website where publications can be easily located and downloaded. There is a wide range of topics, a search facility and quick links for browsing publication categories.

International Networking for Educational Transformation

Provided via the Specialist Schools Trust, the iNet is a global network for sharing information. This section of the website features a range of materials and resources for affliated secondary schools.

The Virtual Teacher Centre

A valuable website providing a good range of education information, materials, news and details of events. The website includes a specific subject search facility.

Schemes of work for teachers

This DfES website provides schemes of work in the form of units to download. All the subjects of the National Curriculum are included, together with literacy and numeracy.

Materials for the literacy strategy (DfES)

A range of materials to support the planning, teaching and learning for pupils in primary schools.

Materials for the numeracy strategy (DfES)

Materials to support the planning, teaching and learning of pupils in primary schools. The site includes Springboard materials as well as interactive teaching programmes.

Materials for the Foundation Stage (DfES)

A range of advice, information and materials for teachers and managers in the foundation stage.

Materials from Hamilton Trust

Short and medium-term plans for literacy and numeracy available for download. Links to Hamiliton Trust publications but can be used independently, especially in maths.

Free materials from BSI Education

A range of interesting topics are provided for the 7-19 age-range. The content contributes to different subjects of the National Curriculum, including literacy and numeracy.

Nuffield Curriculum Centre

A wide range of materials are provided in the sections on primary, secondary and post-16 on this website. Select the subjects/areas to locate the materials and learning resources to download documents.

Resources for primary schools

A wide range of online teaching and learning resources can be downloaded from the @school website. Materials are only available by subscription but can be purchased by schools or directly by teachers and parents. Schools can use eLearning Credits funded by the DfES.

Solutions for mathematics

Range of good quality resources for young people aged 11+. Available for purchase, these include sets of stimulating posters for classroom display as well as ready-to-use materials for both teachers and young people involved in maths clubs.

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