We have access to a regional and national network of professionals with a proven track record in educational consultancy and professional development with various educational organisations in the UK in:

  • professional leadership and governance in schools
  • leadership and management of school improvement services
  • first-hand experience of corporate and strategic activities
  • partnership with other educational providers and business organisations

In addition we also make active use of the Internet to source the most relevant and up-to-date documents and information about developments in education as well as the application of new digital technologies. We are committed to exploiting the educational potential of Web 2.0 - such as weblogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, wikis and other forms of “many to many” publishing for communities.

Our website also provides external links to other websites where advice, information, resources and materials are provided for use in leadership and management (including governance), teaching and learning, curriculum and assessment. On our home page, we provide the latest educational news within the UK for busy professionals. You can now download our service prospectus (PDF file 444KB) for more information.

Rapid access to educational news and information ...

On this website you will also discover a range of educational resources to support activities for school improvement. These include our new Online Learning Studio (OLS), articles and documents to download, published by RECAP Limited. Our new e-Learning Blog: Anytime, Anywhere Learners explores some of the topical innovations and issues from an educational perspective.

We are always keen to exploit the potential of Web 2.0 technologies to provide visitors to our website with rapid access to a range of information and materials in different forms. For example, we publish educational news and information via our RSS/XML feeds as well as via our website. You can choose to subscribe to these feeds via your newsreader, at no cost, and you will automatically receive the information as soon as it is published.

We publish a range of podcasts on a regular basis, for example our school improvement series with leading practioners based in the UK. You can choose to "play" the podcasts online or access websites such as The Podcast Directory or Podcast Alley. Our podcast channels are available on iTunes. Alternatively, you may like to look at our own podcast directory for educators where we list selected educational podcasts from schools, subjects and educational news.

Alternatively, you can locate information via the ubiquitous serach engines as well as using any of the wide range of online internet directories, such as The Directory of UK Websites.

If there are any specific documents that you might find useful for us to include, do please let us know by contacting us.

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