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BBC News: Education

Tories accused of 'sleight of hand' on manifesto grammar schools data

An academic questions methods used to calculate working class pupil numbers at grammar schools.

GCSE exam error: Board accidentally rewrites Shakespeare

A question in Friday's exam muddled up the family background of a key character in Romeo and Juliet.

Teacher disciplined over 'most likely to become a terrorist' award

A 13-year-old girl was handed the "most likely to become a terrorist" award by her teacher.

Girl, 11, accuses school of war crime in feedback form

She shot to viral fame after citing the Geneva Conventions on a school feedback form.

Schools worse off under Conservatives, says IFS

Independent think tank the IFS says schools will fare worse financially under the Conservatives.

Cost of Tories' free breakfasts 'could treble'

A Tory pledge to offer free breakfasts to primary school pupils could go beyond a £60m costing.

Birmingham University to open campus in the Gulf

There are now more than 240 international campuses as universities take their brands to a global market.

Schools to decide on going ahead with exams after attack

Exam boards say schools affected by the Manchester attack can decide whether to hold GCSE and A-level exams.

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Department for Education

Guidance: 30 hours free childcare: eligibility

Updated: Updated information on 30 hours free childcare eligibility for non-EEA national and apprentices. Added a link to the childcare service so parents can apply for 30 hours of free childcare.

A short guide setting out the eligibility requirements for 30 hours childcare for parents of 3- and 4-year-olds in England.

Apply for 30 hours free childcare using the government’s childcare service.

Collection: Statistics: special educational needs (SEN)

Updated: Added: 'Statements of SEN and EHC plans: England, 2017'.

Statistics from May 2010 onwards are available on GOV.UK. You can find our archived statistics on the UK Government Web Archive website. Note: the search function is not available on archived content so please use the filters on the left of each page.

National Statistics: Statements of SEN and EHC plans: England, 2017

This statistical first release (SFR) includes information on:

the number of statements of SEN and EHC plans in place at January 2017 the number of EHC plans made for the first time during the 2016 calendar year the number and percentage of EHC plans that were issued within 20 weeks progress transferring statements of SEN and learning difficulty assessments to EHC plans

It is based on the statutory SEN2 data collection.

Special educational needs statistics team

Telephone: Chris Douglass 01325 340 513

Collection: Statistics: NEET and participation

Updated: Added 'NEET statistics quarterly brief: January to March 2017'.

This collection contains:

the annual publication of national participation figures of young people aged 16 to 18 the quarterly release of NEET (not in education, employment or training) and NET (not in education or training) figures based on results from the labour force survey (LFS)

You can find our archived statistics on the National Archives.

National Statistics: NEET statistics quarterly brief: January to March 2017

The data comes from:

DfE’s 16 to 18 participation statistical first release (SFR) the labour force survey (LFS) regional NEET figures

The publication includes:

extra tables with NEET estimates by region and gender from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) for: 16- to 24-year-olds 18- to 24-year-olds 19- to 24-year-olds extra tables with national NEET estimates from the LFS for all age groups extra tables with NEET estimates from the LFS by age and gender and labour market status

Labour market status refers to people who are:

employed unemployed inactive (have not sought work in the last 4 weeks and/or are not available to start work in the next 2 weeks) Post-16 statistics team

Anneka Nelson-Girtchen 0114 274 2590

Research and analysis: Special educational needs: analysis and summary of dat...

Updated: Updated document. Changes are set out in the 'Updates in this edition' section.

Data analysis and links to statistical release data sources on children and young people with special educational needs (SEN).

Official Statistics: Teachers analysis compendium: 2017

This publication provides an analysis of teacher supply, retention and mobility in England from 2010 to 2015.

Included in this analysis is:

analysis of the entrants and wastage rates of teachers by subject characteristics associated with teacher retention both on a school level and a teacher level teacher mobility across the country Teachers and teaching analysis unit

Telephone: Katherine Williamson - 020 7340 8276

Detailed guide: Phonics screening check data collection: guide to submitting ...

Updated: Added a link to the 'Phonics screening check data collection 2017: guide'.

The phonics screening check data collection is an annual statutory data collection that takes place each June. Local authorities must complete statutory data collections by law unless there’s a very good reason not to.

Phonics teaches people to read by relating sounds with letters and words. The phonics screening check is designed to check whether pupils understand phonics to an appropriate standard.

You must submit phonics screening check assessment data for year 1 pupils in all:

schools maintained by the local authority academies free schools special schools (schools for children with special educational needs or disabilities) Important dates

Dates for the 2017 data collection:

collection opens: Monday 12 June 2017 deadline for submitting data: Friday 28 July 2017 Submit your data

You should submit your data using COLLECT, our centralised data collection and management system.

When the data collection opens, we’ll publish a list of schools we expect to receive assessments from in COLLECT. Contact the helpdesk if any of the schools in your region are missing or listed incorrectly.

Note that we’ll only be able to change the status of your data submission to ‘authorised’ once you’ve cleared all errors in the data in COLLECT.

Collection documents

The following guides will help you complete the return:

guide for local authorities technical specification COLLECT guides for schools and LAs

If you are looking for guides from past phonics screening check data collections, visit the ‘Phonics screening check data collection: closed collections’ page.

Do you need help? Submitting data

Please use the service request form if you have any questions about your data. We aim to answer your question within 5 working days.

Accessing COLLECT

Reset your Secure Access login details using the forgotten password or username form.

Please contact your school or local authority approver, if:

you want to request a Secure Access username or password so you can access COLLECT ‘phonics screening check data collection’ isn’t on the list of collections you can see in COLLECT

If you don’t know who your approver is, please use the Secure Access service request form.


Please use the feedback form if you have any comments about our data collection service, including COLLECT and the helpdesk service.

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Education Guardian

Oxford students to get exam on non-white, non-European history

Following campaigns such as Rhodes must fall, university is to make history syllabus more diverse and less British-focused

History students at Oxford University will have to take an exam paper on non-British, non-European topics after a major shakeup in the curriculum.

The move, which has been welcomed by campaigners who say that universities focu...

Play is essential, but it takes work for children to succeed in the real worl...

It’s not a bad idea for Cambridge to have a professor of play, but learning is taxing and requires a teacher’s skills

The announcement that the University of Cambridge has appointed the world’s first Lego professor of play gives new meaning to the phrase “red-brick university”. Professor Paul Ramchandani will lead a team “examining the importance...

Pupils at London school asked to clean their classroom as cuts bite

Heads struggle to make ends meet at schools hit by cash shortage

A cash-strapped primary school is asking pupils to vacuum classrooms at the end of the day because it cannot afford to replace the cleaner, while the headteacher’s husband is doing the plumbing for free.

Related: Ministers have failed to explain where schools will find savings, watc...

Secret Teacher: I feared special measures – but it's made us stronger

When Ofsted downgraded my school to special measures, I was devastated. But we now get the support we need to improve

Special measures. Inadequate. Words used to describe schools that are the bottom of the pile. The words you never want to hear as a teacher.

Prior to autumn 2016, I had only ever worked in schools rated good by Ofsted, and was fea...

Even in this age of mass literacy, we need writing lessons more than ever | I...

Writing is not the passport to riches promised to would-be journalists of the past, and nor is it an exact science. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned

Thanks to this newspaper’s belief in self-improvement and its need in these hard times to earn a bob or two, a reader can sign up to a Guardian Masterclass and learn how to be a columnist. N...

Lib Dems attack Tory school meal plans with new campaign poster

Nick Clegg warns less stringent rules on nutritional standards for breakfasts risks exacerbating obesity crisis

Scrapping free school lunches in favour of free breakfasts could have a significant nutritional cost, Nick Clegg has warned, saying Theresa May should take “her inspiration from Jamie Oliver not Oliver Twist”.

The Liberal Democrats will ...

Student housing tempts wealthy investors

Demand for investment grows despite worries that Brexit might cut number of high-spending foreign students coming to UK

Some of the world’s richest people and sovereign wealth funds are turning their attention to student housing, with the increasingly luxurious and expensive purpose-built accommodation becoming regarded as a must-have part of the...

Education cuts are a false economy – please, Theresa May, reconsider | Kester...

Every pound spent on schoolchildren saves money in healthcare, welfare and prisons. Blair and Cameron got it, but the current PM does not

Last week my son brought home a letter from the head of his comprehensive, outlining the curriculum reorganisation it is pushing through because the school has run out of money. Administration staff have alread...

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