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BBC News: Education

Pregnant at 14: 'I proved myself by getting good GCSEs'

Alex, now 19, says she has a good life - but would she want the same for her own daughter?

Review recommends student income of £8,100 a year

The findings of a major review into what financial support is available for students across Scotland are published.

Childcare website glitch leaves families struggling

One family is having to rely on using credit cards to put food on the table and make ends meet.

Pupils hijab questioning 'ludicrous'

Campaigners condemn Ofsted decision to ask girls in primary schools why they wear the headcsarf.

Smacking has no place in modern Wales, says minister

As Wales marks Universal Children's Day, a minister says smacking can no longer be accepted.

Universal Credit: Christmas fear

People who work and are paid weekly may miss out in December because of the way it is calculated.

St Olave's Grammar School row head resigns

Aydin Önaç, head of St Olave's Grammar School in Orpington, will leave at Christmas.

The worst bullies: 'My friends called me Ugly Betty'

Bullying by friends is 'really harmful and teachers should take it more seriously', says a victim.

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Department for Education

Collection: Improvement notices and directions

Updated: Moved Leicester city council improvement notice to 'closed notices' group.

These notices and directions are issued to councils due to ‘poor’ or ‘inadequate’ performance.

Decision: Improvement notice issued to Leicester city council

Updated: Updated as this notice was closed on 4 September 2017.

This improvement notice asked Leicester city council to improve its children’s social care services. It followed a report by Ofsted published on 20 March 2015 which judged the overall effectiveness of children’s services to be inadequate.

We have closed this improvement notice following the publication of a further Ofsted inspection report on 4 September 2017.

Guidance: Storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals in schools

Updated: Updated attachment to reflect minor changes about the disposal of chemicals (page 6).

This guidance is for school leaders, staff and governing bodies in:

maintained schools academies independent schools pupil referral units academy trusts local authorities further education and sixth form colleges

It explains how to handle and dispose of hazardous substances and materials, and signposts to professional bodies offering further advice.

Open consultation: Eligibility for free school meals and the early years pupi...

This consultation document explains:

the general principles applied in considering changes to the criteria for free school meals and the early years pupil premium under Universal Credit - our intention is that these entitlements reach the most disadvantaged households, in a way that is consistent, fair and simple the measures we plan to take to protect those families who would otherwise lose entitlement to free school meals as a result of this criteria change our plans for communicating these changes to parents, providers and local authorities

News story: Consultation on disadvantaged entitlements under Universal Credit

The Department for Education is asking for views on how the government can continue to support children most in need, in a consultation launched today (16 November).

The consultation will review eligibility for children currently receiving additional support from the government during their education, such as free school meals and additional school funding, in light of the national roll out of Universal Credit.

The proposals should protect all children currently receiving this support, while targeting these entitlements to ensure they reach those most in need in the future, seeing more children benefit as a result.

Overall, around 50,000 more children should be eligible for free school meals once Universal Credit is rolled out.

The introduction of Universal Credit lies at the heart of the government’s commitment to help people improve their lives and raise their incomes. This consultation will make sure this support continues to be targeted where it is needed most.

Minister for Children and Families Robert Goodwill said:

We want every child to reach their potential, regardless of their background. As Universal Credit is rolled out, it is right that we continue to make sure this support reaches children from the most disadvantaged families.

Our proposals should not only protect those children already receiving free school meals and additional school funding but will see thousands more benefitting from this support in future.

This is an important issue and we need to get this right to make sure we continue to help those children most in need. That’s why it is vital that we hear from teachers, early years professionals and families throughout this consultation.

The proposals outlined in the eight-week consultation include:

introducing a net income threshold of £7,400 per year before benefits are taken into account (typically equivalent to between £18,000 and £24,000 in total household income per year) for families to benefit from free school meals mirroring this eligibility criteria for the Early Years Pupil Premium, which gives additional funding to early years settings to boost the attainment of pupils from low income families all children currently receiving any of the support above should continue to benefit from this until the full roll out of Universal Credit, and then until they reach the end of their current education stage (e.g. primary or secondary school)

Plans to introduce new guidance to help schools simplify the process and encourage take up are also underway. The government will work with schools and local authorities to help ensure those families who are entitled to these benefits actually claim them.

Research and analysis: Apprenticeships evaluation 2017: employers survey

The evaluation covers:

employers’ experiences of offering apprenticeships who they took on and to what types of apprenticeship their motivations for offering apprenticeships the results and satisfaction of employers

The results of the learners survey are also available.

Research and analysis: Apprenticeships evaluation 2017: learners survey

The survey looks at:

motivations for doing an apprenticeship experience of the training received satisfaction with the apprenticeship the effects on careers

The results of the employer survey are also available.

Detailed guide: School workforce census: guide to submitting data

Updated: Added 'Introduction to the School Workforce Collection' video.

The school workforce census is a statutory data collection that takes place each autumn. You must complete statutory censuses by law unless there’s a good reason not to.

The census collects data on all teaching and support staff in regular employment, including those working for:

local authorities on central contracts local-authority-maintained schools academies free schools, including: studio schools university technical colleges pupil referral units (local authority establishments that provide education for children who can’t attend a mainstream school)

Local authorities are responsible for:

co-ordinating and approving the submission of census data from all their maintained schools submitting data for centrally employed school staff

Academies are responsible for submitting and approving their own census data.

Local authorities, local-authority-maintained schools and academies should issue privacy notices to all members of staff. Privacy notices inform staff members about the details of the census and their rights under the Data Protection Act.

Important dates

Dates for the 2017 census:

census day: 2 November 2017 deadline for submitting your data: 1 December 2017 Submit your data

You should submit data to us using COLLECT, our centralised data collection and management system.

Note that we’ll only be able to change the status of your data submission to ‘authorised’ once you’ve cleared all errors in the data in COLLECT.

School workforce census documents

These documents will help you complete the census:

School workforce census 2017: guides School workforce census 2017: business and technical specification COLLECT guides for schools and local authorities School workforce census 2017: notepad entries for COLLECT queries

If you wish to request XSLT files for the validation rules and school summary report, contact the Data Collection Helpdesk via the service request form.

If you’re looking for guides from past collections of the school workforce census, visit the ‘School workforce census: closed collections’ page.

Video: introduction to the School Workforce Collection

Introduction to the School Workforce Collection

Do you need help? Submitting data

Please use the service request form if you have any questions about your data. We aim to answer your question within 5 working days.

Accessing COLLECT

Reset your Secure Access login details using the forgotten password or username form.

Please contact your school or local authority approver, if:

you want to request a Secure Access username or password so you can access COLLECT ‘school workforce census’ isn’t on the list of collections you can see in COLLECT

If you don’t know who your approver is, please use the Secure Access service request form.


Please use the feedback form if you have any comments about our data collection service, including COLLECT and the helpdesk service.

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Education Guardian

Vice-chancellor of Bath University called on to resign after report

Universities watchdog finds governance of senior pay lacked transparency, and says reputation of Bath has been damaged

Staff at the University of Bath have demanded the immediate resignation of the vice-chancellor and board of governors after the publication of a damning report into senior pay and governance at the university.

The Higher Education...

Did you solve it? This apple teaser is hard core!

The solution to today’s puzzle

On my puzzle blog earlier today I set you the following puzzle:

You and your two friends Pip and Blossom are captured by an evil gang of logicians. In order to gain your freedom, the gang’s chief, Kurt, sets you this fearsome challenge. The three of you are put in adjacent cells. In each cell is a quantity of apples....

Doctor Who theme's co-creator honoured with posthumous PhD

Career of Delia Derbyshire, an under-appreciated electronic music pioneer, recognised by hometown university

The under-appreciated electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme is to be honoured posthumously with a doctorate from her hometown university as the programme gears up for the debut of its first female lead.

Largely ignored in lif...

A gold star for the nurseries that have stopped being glitter bugs | Jules Ho...

As well as polluting our seas with microplastics, the devilish dandruff turns up all over my house and about my person – I applaud those schools banning it

What will the rocks record about the lives we lead? What might a future palaeontologist, human or otherwise, make of the structures that will come to signify these moments in which you and I l...

Vice-chancellors, add your voices to the call for a second EU referendum | Ni...

Universities came out in force to defend UK membership of the EU. With negotiations mired, they should be calling for another vote

Since the EU referendum, university leaders have worked hard to accept the result while highlighting the challenges ahead. Amid concerns that the vote for Brexit showed a disconnect between universities and their loca...

Can you solve it? This apple teaser is hard core!

The logic puzzle that has a peel

UPDATE: The solution can be seen here

Hi guzzlers,

What’s the similarity between a logic puzzle and an apple? Deduce! Sorry ... let’s begin.

Continue reading...

Soas is bottom of the class when it came to my £340 refund

I booked a suitable course at the School of Oriental and African Studies but it was cancelled at the last minute

After attending an open day in mid-September I signed up for a 10-week Chinese evening class at the Soas University of London. It was the end of the day and the staff expected me to sign up and make a payment there and then of £340. I ...

Don’t just teach kids to code – teach them to question Facebook and Google | ...

It’s shameful that our children are still so computer illiterate. Let’s give them the skills to take on the tech giants, and create a more democratic internet

Three years ago, before the Brexit dreams of renewed imperial glory and Vimto for all took wing, England took an uncharacteristically bold step into the future. Michael Gove was in charge o...

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