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Nature's Voice

A monthly podcast from the RSPB, Europe's largest conservation charity, with features and interviews reflecting its work to protect birds and the environment in the UK and around the world. From the joys of watching and looking out for the birds in your back garden, to facing up to the challenges of global climate change, Nature's Voice keeps an entertaining, informative and campaigning eye on the world of birds.

Back from the Brink
October 2017

Back from the Brink is a ground breaking collaboration between eight conservation organisations, funded by the National Lottery. Its aim is to rescue some of our most threatened species before it’s too late and to inspire us all to discover, value and act to save endangered wildlife. On this month’s Nature’s Voice Jane Markham finds out more about the project from Back from the Brink’s James Harding-Morris and Emma Burt and talks to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Pete Wall about one of the species which will benefit – the willow tit – which has seen its population plummet by 94% since 1970.

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