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A Podcast for kids, Parents, and Readers of All ages! Celebrating READING with Books, Music, Author Interviews, and more!

The Bobby Bucket Show - An overview
September 2005

An introduction to the show featuring Bobby Bucket and one of his many special guests who pop up from time to time to share information with you about literacy strategies.

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The Bobby Bucket Show 07
August 2005

This is show number 7, and today we're looking for great books at the Lost and Found!

On today's show, Lil' Bucket is going to help me out again, because she has chosen the books by making her own text to text connections.

In fact, she's even made a text to music connection, because she knew exactly what song we should play for the show! We'll hear another great song by Maine artist, Sammie Haynes, which is all about lost and found things!

Prof. Z's back and he's going to tell us all about two reading strategies that good readers do to find things.

So, get out your compass! Get out your map! Get out your metal detector and come find your way to a couple of great books brought to you by Lil' Bucket.

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The Bobby Bucket Show 06
August 2005

We've got a great show today, with a lot of fun included, because today, we're hanging out with Sam Krupnik!

I'm going to have help from Lil' Bucket and we're going to give you a snapshot of four different books by Lois Lowry, about Sam Krupnik. Our goal is to get you interested, excited, and hooked on these books, so you go out and get them from your Library.

I'm going to talk about Point of View today and we'll hear a song by another Sam - Maine artist, Sammie Haynes, all about taking journeys!

So, grab your coat, come with us to Cambridge, Massachusetts in the USA to where the Krupnik family lives, and meet our good buddy, Sam!

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The Bobby Bucket Show 05
August 2005

It's a long show, but it's a really special show for you because today, we’re heading off to the BALL PARK!

Today, we're hanging out with Maine author and illustrator, Matt Tavares. If you like baseball, you're going to love three of his books that we're going to feature today: Oliver's Game, Zachary's Ball, and Mudball, which are three of my favorite baseball stories!

We're going to Book Signings with Matt at the Portsmouth Public Library and also over to my favorite Toy Store, GW in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the USA, to hear Matt read and talk about his books.

It's our first show with an author interview and 2 stories read by the author... So, grease up the mitt, grab a hotdog and some cracker jacks, and PLAY BALL!

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The Bobby Bucket Show 04
July 2005

We've got a really special show for you because today, we're heading off to a couple of FAMILY REUINIONS!

We're spending time with two books that are about visiting with relatives. We've got The Party by Barbara Reid, and The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant.

Professor Zeigfried is going to get us ready for our own Family Reunions by teaching us some vocabulary words.

And we've got a great song for when we're traveling back home after visiting the family. So get your maps out, start up the car travel games, and get ready to go on a road trip!

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The Bobby Bucket Show 03
July 2005

This is show #3 and it's a completely different type of show as we head off on a SoundSeeing Tour, back to the evening of July 15, welcoming in the 6th Harry Potter Book. We're going to Barnes and Noble in Newington, New Hampshire in the USA.

Also, Madame Literatus is going to talk about how good use the strategy of VISUALIZATION to strengthen understanding.

And we're going to wrap it all up with a great song for when you're flying around on your broom, playing Quiditch, by artist Adrina Thorpe.

So get your wands out, crank up the cauldron, open a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and let's head on over to the Harry Potter Party!

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The Bobby Bucket Show 02
July 2005

It's a long, but great, show for you today because we're heading off to one of my favorite places - the LIBRARY!

We've got one of my favorite books, called The Library by Sarah Stewart. If you love reading, then you're going to love this gem! We're going to learn about how good readers constantly make PREDICTIONS and my good buddy, Prof. Zeigfreid is going to share a vocabulary word, and talk to you about idioms! And we're heading off to my favorite Library in New Hampshire (USA) to hear about their summer reading program. We're going to wrap it all up with another great song by Maine artist, Mary Kaye, called "The Library Book".

So sit back, put your feet up, crack a book, and join us in the Children’s Room at the Public Library!

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The Bobby Bucket Show 01
July 2005

This is Show #1... the one where it all starts. We're going to talk about the amazing book, Hello Ocean by Pam Munoz Ryan and learn about how good readers make connections!

You're going to be introduced to my good friend, Prof. Zeigfried, who's going to tell you about chameleons. And I'm going to talk about the importance of sunscreen!

We're going to wrap it all up with South Berwick, Maine children's musician, Mary Kaye with a great song called, "Deep in the Water".

So sit back, put on the sunscreen, dig your feet into the sand and come on down to the ocean!

An audio podcast in MP3 format.

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