In this section of the podcast directory you can select podcasts that have been published in some form on the Internet and categorised as English, literature, literacy and drama.

There is a good range of podcasts in this curriculum area. As well as traditional study of English, English Literature, literacy and drama, there are also podcast channels for learning English as a foreign language.

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    The Mount Kisco Library Podcast
    The Mount Kisco Library Podcast

    Something new and different is always going on, in our library and our town. In this podcast, we'll tell you everything we possibly can in 20 minutes or less. You will be informed and entertained! Includes: new music, new books, library programs, films, local history, natural history, etc.

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There is also an overview of the podcast channels within the directory which provides information about the number of podcast channels in each of the directory categories.

Some guidance...

Whilst all the podcasts listed in this directory are selected in line with our criteria, we do strongly recommend that the contents of all podcasts, podcast feeds and channels are regularly auditioned to ensure that they are suitable and appropriate for the age range of the children and young people.

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