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The Grassroots Channel is here to provoke and inspire anyone who thinks they just might want to change the world around them. Brought to you by Podnosh and the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network, we share with you stories and ideas from people who've taken practical steps to build stronger neighbourhoods and happier communities. The Grassroots Channel is produced by Nick Booth of Podnosh.

Looking back at February’s Social Media Surgery and a brilliant turnout
Posted: February 2010

Well, it seems sometimes you get what you wish for. February’s Central Birmingham social media surgery had a really good turnout. Nick decided to make me ‘organiser’ for the night and, perhaps, it would have been best if it had been a quiet night. But, largely because everyone was so nice and actually knew a lot more about what was going on than I did, it ran very smoothly. A big thanks in particular has to go to the surgeons who did a really good job to juggle the large numbers of people, who often had very different interests.
We had folk in looking for help with everything from Twitter to Google Analytics on the evening – and from lots of different organisations.

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With more and more audio, enhanced and video podcasts on the Internet, you need confidence that good quality educational podcasts are listed as suitable for teaching and learning or for use at home.

QAstampWe invest time in carefully auditioning and selecting all the podcast channels listed in our podcast directory. By focusing on the quality and suitability of the podcast material and matching these to subjects and topic areas, you can be assured that the podcasts have an educational focus and have content that is relevant and approriate for use with children, young people and adult learners as well as educational professionals.

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Educational podcasting is about capturing the imagination of learners, presenting materials and providing resources in the form of audio, enhanced or video podcasts in new and exciting ways.

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