On this page you can subscribe to a combination of podcast channels that we have selected for inclusion in out podcast directory for educators.

The information about the podcast feeds is contained in an Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) file. Many RSS readers provide the facility to import OPML files and are able to download the feeds automatically. This makes it quick and easy to incorporate the podcast feeds listed in this directory into a RSS reader that supports the importing of OPML files. The beauty is that you can then edit this list to reflect your own preferences.

You can now download the following OPML files:

Full details of about these OPML files are provided below.

OPML files listing all our podcast channels

Two versions of the OPML files are provided for the full list of all podcast channels. The first includes an edited version of the listings in the podcast channels (as presented in the directory pages), the second version includes all of the listings in the podcast provided by the podcast channel. The original podcast listings provided in this version are more likely to change of content but will accurately reflect the currently published podcast feed for the channel.

opml1OPML ontains all edited podcast feeds on this website

opml2OPML contains all original podcast feeds of the channels


OPML files for our podcast categories

The following list of OPML files reflect the list of podcast channels listed in each of the categories we use in our podcast directory. These are the edited versions as presented in the directory pages.

opml3Business education and business studies

opml4Citizenship and general studies channels

opml5College channels

opml6Art and music channels

opml7English, literature and poetry channels

opml8Home-school podcast channels

opml9History, geography and social studies channels

opml10Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish channels

opml11Educational news and professional channels

opml12Personal, social and health education channels

opml13Religious education and relisgious studies

opml14School channels from the age of 5+

opml2aSchool channels from the age of11+

opml15Mathematics and science channels

opml16Physical education and sprting activity channels

opml17Technology and ICT channels



Whilst all the podcasts listed in this directory are selected in line with our criteria, we do strongly recommend that the contents of all podcasts, podcast feeds and channels are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are suitable and appropriate for the age range of the children and young people.

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