For each podcast listed in the directory, we also include a description based on the information provided by the podcasters.

Many podcasters produce some form of show notes to accompany their podcasts. The amount of information provided does vary quite significantly - some only provide brief notes whereas others contain quite a lot of detail and include additional material such as images, diagrams and links to other websites.

In our directory, example shown below, information is provided about the title of the podcast, the date published, a description, a podcast player and th epodcast encoding format (MP3 in this case). Links are provided to the RSS/XML for the podcast channel and, if available, a link to the iTunes listing.


Increasingly, podcasts are using other formats in addition to the normal MP3 format to compress the audio and incorporate other features. In the directory, one of the following graphic symbols will be included in the podcast description to indicate the encoding format used for the podcast.


Podcast formats

M4A Podcast in the AAC format, better quality than MP3

Please note some channels use the M4A format for enhanced podcasts.

M4BEnhanced may have chapter markers, images and links.


M4V2Video podcast using the MP4 format for iPhone, iPad & iPod.


M4VVideo podcast using the M4V format for iPhone, iPad & iPod.


M4V1 Video podcast using the Quicklime movie format.


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