Portable Radio
Portable Radio

This is a podcast made by students in grades 5 and 6. Since our classes are in the portables, we thought the name, 'Portable Radio' would be a great name for our show. Our school, A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School, is located in Stittsville, Ontario, Canada. We are a part of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

Portable TV: Episode 11
April 2015

Our latest episode of Portable TV took over three months to complete! I’ve lost track of how many recesses we spent writing scripts, setting up tripods, connecting microphones, shooting video and editing. In this episode we have:
  • RIDDLE ME THIS with Bradley and Hamid
  • BRAIN BUST with Thomas and Abdullah
  • THE INSIDE STORY with Derek and Hamid
  • SKI CLUB with Angel and Madhavi
  • CLASS BLOGS with Jasmine and Sharon
  • WORD UP with Bathien and Ari
  • TOP 10 with Myra and Crystal
  • TEACHER VS. STUDENT with Faye and Reem
Thanks to Christian and Nick for hosting!

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

2015 Snow Clothes Challenge
February 2015

Ms. Cassidy’s class (ages 6 and 7) in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, challenged classes to the “2015 Snow Clothes Challenge”. We decided to give it a try.

We already heard back from Ms. Cassidy on Twitter! And, yes, we did add it to the Padlet.

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

Season 9 P.O.V. #4 [2:21]
January 2015

Last week, in England, a five year old boy named Alex was given a bill for about $30 because he didn’t go to another boy’s birthday party. He had already made plans to spend the day with his grandparents and couldn’t find the information to tell birthday hosts he wasn’t able to go.

Should Alex have to pay for missing the birthday party?

An audio podcast in MP3 format.

Portable TV: Episode 10
December 2014

In episode 10 we have:
  • a report about a new gate
  • a very strong egg structure
  • Riddle Me This
  • Top Ten favourite Halloween candies in our class
  • Brain Bust
  • Word Up: “ballistic curve”
  • a shout out to Mrs. Monaghan’s class in Middleham, England
  • Principal vs. Student challenge: Bathien vs. Mr. Smith

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

Season 9 P.O.V. #3
November 2014

Last Friday, an official in the National Hockey League said they were probably going to allow advertising on players’ jerseys. Some experts think this could earn each team in the NHL at least four million dollars a year.

Should the NHL allow advertising on their player’s jerseys? Listen to our opinions.

An audio podcast in MP3 format.

Season 9 P.O.V. #2
September 2014

A politician wants to change two words in our national anthem. He wants to change “in all thy sons command ” to “in all of us command.”

Should we change the words to our anthem?

An audio podcast in MP3 format.

Memories of Grade 5
August 2014

I enjoyed seeing what the students came up with for their best memories of Grade Five. 

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

We Challenge You: Cup Pyramid
June 2014

This is our last challenge of the year. We had to practice a little before videotaping it.  We would love to see other classes try it out.  We are more interested in seeing students working together to building the pyramid – your time is not important.  Although, you are welcome to try! Let us know if you make a video by leaving a comment telling us where to find it.

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

The Stick Challenge
June 2014

Mme Marnie’s class (they are a Grade French immersion class in our school) challenged us with their “Attention tension!”  video.  It took a little practice, but four students in our class managed to make it work.

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

Drumming with Leo Brooks
May 2014

Leo Brooks helped us turn our cardboard tubes into real drums. He returned to show us how to play them.

A video podcast in the MP4 format.

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