14 November 2006

Podcasting and Planet Zune!

So Zune from MicroSoft is launched - the next evolution in the rise of the portable media player. The key question is: "What will Zune do for podcasting?".

Looking through the technical specifications, the new product has all the features to rival the current iPod platform and some more besides. Like the iPod, you can sync podcasts downloaded to your PC via an RSS aggregator but what is most interesting is WiFi capability.

The Zune website seems to suggest that content can be shared "Zune to Zune" via WiFi. Now, that does present a range of interesting possibilities for sharing podcast content in educational settings - but it also has potential pitfalls along the way for the unwary. To be fair, the Zune website does spell out that sharing files may infringe the content copyright.

One thing is certain the market profile and uptake of portable devices capable of using audio, enhanced and video podcasts is now set to receive a boost with the launch of Zune. In turn, it will be interesting to discover the extra dimensions that Zune can bring to the educational scene in practice.