Quality professional services

We specialise in school improvement activities across the 4-19 age range.

Areas within our portfolio of support, educational consultancy and professional development for schools and educational organisations include:

  • school improvement partners for primary and secondary schools
  • performance management of headteachers
  • developing effective leadership and management in practice
  • evaluating the of quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • developing processes for assessment, data analysis and target setting
  • robust monitoring and evaluation, including the development of the SEF
  • coherent approaches to school improvement planning and OfSTED inspections
  • strategies for ensuring effective approaches to educational inclusion
  • the development of extended schools, clusters of schools and activities
  • the application of new ICT technologies in teaching and learning

We also publish informative educational articles which you can read on-line as well as a series of podcasts from our school improvement series. In addition there are other online resources available for you to access.

Our e-Learning Blog: Anytime, Anywhere Learners explores some of the topical innovations and issues from an educational perspective.

Exploiting the power of the internet

On our website you will also discover a range of educational resources to support activities for school improvement. These include documents published by RECAP Limited that you can download, and links to resources that are available via the Internet from other educational organisations.

Via our external links you can easily locate other educational websites and you will find sources for educational documents and materials in our documents section.

As well as providing bespoke advice and consultancy on school improvement, we always seek to harness ways of exploiting the full potential of new technologies for education in this digital age. We are committed to exploiting the educational potential of Web 2.0 - such as weblogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, wikis and other forms of “many to many” publishing for communities.

Making use of podcasting and other Web 2.0 technologies can enhance and enrich the learning environments and communities for children, young people and educational professionals alike. Our new Educator's Blog: Anytime, Anywhere Learners explores some of the topical innovations and issues from an educational perspective.

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