Introduction and overview

This series of Apps are designed for older children aged from nine years upwards usingan iPad® model running iOS 5 to iOS 8+. The first App in this series is called Spy Trails. This App is a fun way to learn about and apply knowledge of ciphers.

All our Apps have been designed to be easy to use and they incorporate an array of visual, text and audio prompts to support effective learning. Where colour palletes are present, audio prompts are providedand the sounds can be enabled or disabledin the App settings.

App features

All our Apps share common features and can be personalised - for example with the child's name and this can be readily changed for use at home by other children or by many children at school.

Other App settings can be changed to match the development of chilldren and their confidence in knowldge and understanding of the topic. Outcomes from using the App can be shared via email as a text file.

Images taken from from the current App are shown opposite. For further details, click on the link below.

Apps in our logic series for learning with iPad are:

Technical Points

All the Apps in our logic series have been designed for iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad, running iOS 5 or above. The Apps are completely self-contained and only requires access to the internet if you choose to send an email to export outcomes (scores and errors) as an attachment in text format).

LiveCodeCommunity75x20Our Apps are built with LiveCode under a commercial licence. Therefore, portions are Copyright (C) 2000-2014 RunRev Ltd, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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