SpyTrailsIcon72x72Introduction and overview

This App is designed for children aged from 9 years of age and a fun way to learn about and apply knowledge of ciphers. Acting as a secret agent on a mission, they use up to four different ciphers to retrieve clues and messages as they travel to a variety of locations in different cities - London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Rome and Venice - across five countries.

CMyShapesSplashWebAppStoreBadge100x200aWith this App, children learn about Caesar, Atbash, Keyword and ASCII ciphers. They can apply their knowledge of these ciphers to help find clues, retrieve messages and successfully complete their mission. To help the mission, secret agents have access to a small range of equipment and resources - a Satellite Phone, a Counter Surveillence Detector, a "bug" Jammer, a Code Machine, a Spy Glass and city maps.

After an initial briefing, the agent in the field receives encrypted messages via SMS text messages and emails from the satellite phone and from "dead letters" left by other agents. At each city location they have to scan for "bugs" to avoid being detected.

At the end of each mission, an overall score is shown, based on their performance in three aspects – finding city locations on a map, selecting ciphers for decryting messages and avoiding detection by using counter surveillence to isolate "bugs".

The screen shots opposite are from the Spy Trails App - click image to enlarge. The top image shows the satellite phone displaying the SMS text symbol whilst in Madrid (one of six cities). The middle image shows an encrypted message in the top window of the code machine with the decrypted text in the bottom window. These messages provide instructions for the secret agent and obtained via SMS or email via the satellite phone or retrieved from "dead letters". The bottom image illustrates a city map of Rome with the various locations that can be visited. In this case, the Roman Fort has been highlighted.

Helpful hints are on hand and the App is intuitive, easy to use and the following App settings can be personalised:

  • The agent name
  • The code name for a mission
  • The number of cities to visit (from 2-6)
  • The level of difficulty (easier/normal/harder)
  • The auto lock timing for the satellite phone
  • The mission tracker (on/off)

Technical Information

The Spy Trails App has been designed for iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad, running iOS 5.1 to iOS 10.

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