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Take a journey to find the lost keys, using named squares or coordinates. Now optimised for the retina display on the iPad, this App is designed for children aged 7+ with six challenges based on six themed maps, they learn about identifying grid locations using named squares, such as B2, or coordinates like (3,3).

AppStoreBadge100x200aThe themed maps are an island, a park, a city centre, the beach, a local area (local neighborhood in the US) and in the country (on the pairie in the US). The locations of the series of objects displayed on each of the themed maps are generated at random.

Map grids use named squares such as D4 or coordinates such as (4,9). Altogether, there are six challenges in the App:

CMyShapesSplashWebChallenge 1 - Locate the objects using named squares.

Challenge 2 - Reveal hidden objects using named squares.

Challenge 3 - Identify object locations using named squares.

Challenge 4 - Locate the objects using coordinates.

Challenge 5 - Reveal hidden objects using coordinates.

Challenge 6 - Identify object locations using coordinates.

The App is intuitive to use. In response to the prompts, either tap a grid location or tap the X axis label followed by the Y axis label.

The screen shots displayed opposite show three of the challenges in progress (click an image to enlarge):

  • Top - locating objects on a map using named squares such as square C2
  • Middle - locating objects on a map using coordinates such as (10,1)
  • Bottom - locating objects on a map using named squares such as E4

Video guidance about using the relative method of locating places on a map is on hand. Change a range of App settings according to personal preferences and you can choose to log results. Logging results is most useful for evaluating a child's performance after each challenge and review results from challenges over time (useful for multiple users at school).

In addition, the App can be personalised with a child's name, snapshots can be taken and shared via the photo album or sent by email as an attachment.

Technical Information

Find the Way has been designed for the iPad, iPad 2, new iPad and iPad Air, running iOS 4.3 to iOS 10. The current App version is 2.0. The App is completely self-contained and only requires access to the internet if you choose to send an email with an attached screenshot or to view our other Apps with the in-App browser. Screenshots can also be saved into the iPad photo album.

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