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Now fully optimised for the iPad retina display, the second App in our number series focuses on using a number grid is designed for children aged 3+ with three challenges. They learn about odd and even numbers, recognise and select numbers up to 100, practice their times tables and can discover different number patterns.

OENSplashWebAfter initial learning with an adult, children can then progress to independent learning. Help and guidance about even and odd numbers is on hand within the respective challenges. Using the number grid, each of the three challenges presents a wide variety of tasks for young children to complete:

  • Select and colour even numbers
  • Select and colour odd numbers
  • Locate and colour missing numbers

AppStoreBadge100x200aThis App is intuitive to use - tap to select the colour and then tap the target number. App settings can be changed to vary the level of difficulty and tailor the challenges to the child's current stage of learning.

Settings are provided to:

  • Vary the level of difficulty (easier/medium/harder)
  • Include a range guide to help with the challenges (good for youngest learners)
  • Toggle the auto-correct feature on/off (leave off for older learners)
  • Switch on/off the number range guides for odd and even numbers.

In addition, the App can be personalised with a child's name, snapshots can be taken and shared via the photo album or sent by email as an attachment.

The screen shots opposite show three challenges in progress (click an image to enlarge). The top image is a challenge to select odd numbers with the easier level of difficulty. The middle image shows is a challenge to select even numbers with with the harder level of difficulty and a range guide. The bottom image is a challenge to select odd numbers at a harder level of difficulty and without a range guide.


MNGscorecard200x150The App features an accuracy score to provide feedback on performance.

Results are presented on a scorecard and can be selected once the certificate is displayed. The first scorecard is linked to the current child's name. You can switch the display to view the scorecard to show all previous users. A maximum of 100 results are stored.

You can sort the content of the scorecard on a range of options including name, challenge, difficulty and score.

The image shows the full scorecard, sorted by challenge. Click image to enlarge.

Technical Information

Odd & Even Numbers has been designed for iPad, iPad 2, new iPad and iPad Air, running iOS 4.3 to iOS 10. The current App version is 2.0. The App is completely self-contained and only requires access to the internet if you choose to send an email with an attached screenshot. Screenshots can also be saved into the iPad photo album.

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