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As a result, the directories of educational resources are no longer supported or maintaind.


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General information

We have researched and collated together a wide range of educational documents that are currently available on the Internet. These are from UK-based sources and are updated on a regular basis. The materials produced by RECAP Limited, published on this website, can be downloaded directly to your personal computer. We also list other materials from selected websites and these are on our external links page.

We also provide a range of articles on educational matters that can be read on-line. These are also freely available in line with our copyright statement.

We trust that you find all of our materials of value and useful in your quest for continuous improvement. If there are other documents that you would like to see then do contact us with details.

Documents for downloading

Wherever possible, we provide our documents in different formats to increase flexibility of use. Almost all are available in the popular PDF (Portable Document Format) format, others in Microsoft® Word format. Full details of the options available to you are provided in our document download section.

To read PDF documents you will need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader and you can download a copy here.


Each of our own documents does contain specific information about the copyright conditions that apply to its use, either as an individual or as an organisation. Our copyright statement provides general information about the copyright of the materials published on this website.

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